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Anybody have a wrench?!

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

The sound of my alarm rescues me from a night of terrors dreaming about adversity during my shoot today. In a weird way, I welcome these types of dreams because they help me to troubleshoot through 'what if' scenarios and become better prepared. It's five o'clock in the morning, I embrace my last sips of precious coffee & run through my mental check list one last time. I'm ready. Todays shoot brings me much excitement, it's the debut of my new clowfoot tub and tule dress rental! My SUV is crammed to the gill, I squeeze in and try and wrap my seatbelt around my body, my camera body and my three lenses that are all sitting in my lap. The passenger seat, floor board and entire back are full of the tub, a ladder, a free standing mirror. You think it and it's likely packed for this shoot! After all, my motto is 'better to have it and not need it!'

The first major challenge of the shoot is getting the tub onto the beach. The thought of asking for help or even hiring help seemed silly to me as it is now just past 7am on a Saturday and 43 degrees outside. Instead, I brought a dolly. I think I was hyper sensitive to the sound of the wheels clacking over every gap in the wooden planks that led to the beach but maybe not because every dog within earshot was suddenly awake and barking. "Sorry neighbors!!!"

The pathway terminates and all that's left is sand until you hit the ocean. Still in the box, I begin to pull and by pull, I mean drag the tub toward the section of dunes I had scouted out. The burn begins in my legs and then my core, I love it, I harness strength from my excitement and the entire french press of coffee I drank that morning!

Underneath my jacket and layers of warmth, I'm drenched in sweat. I feel accomplished and nearing the end of my prep work. All that's left is to position the mirror and pull the tub out of the box. I guess in short, I wasn't anticipating that assembly would be required. It is in fact a tub and not a shelf from Ikea! Staring at me from inside the box however were four beautiful claw feet, detached from the tub. No big deal I think, there's some nuts and bolts, I'll just handle this. Ten minutes later, my fingers are freezing and sore from effort. The threads are so tight it's near impossible to get the slightest turn in and I'm horrified that I've just ruined the shoot! My phone pings, my model says she's running late. So you're saying there's a chance!!! I run through my options which in my head was only one. Drive home and grab a wrench. There's not enough time I think, I'm ruined! Ask for help I tell myself, just ask for help. Once I muster the courage, there's no doubt in my mind who my champion would be, I send her a text.

"Hi! I'm in a situation and need help! Do you have an adjustable wrench or wrench set that you'd have time to bring to the 66th street beach entrance? I have a shoot and am trying to assemble a clawfoot tub."

Within minutes I hear back from her, she's FaceTiming me from her garage to confirm the wrench that I want! "I'm on my way!" she says. I love this woman! I am a damsel in distress and I have been rescued!

The shoot was a total success! My model arrived looking like a goddess & ready to perform! My heart is warm knowing that I have a friend & if I let her, will show up and be a friend when you need one the most!

Thank you Gunilla for coming to my rescue!

Thank you Jamaira for all of the effort that you put into today to make it happen!

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