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'View your photo' is my personal labor of love for capturing stoke.  I believe that people are happiest when they are outside engaged in what they love. Stoke is infectious! It's fun for me to capture and fun for the recipient to relive every time they view their photo! 

A gallery is created with the option to purchase the photo without having to pay for standard session fees. There are three purchase options for digital download ranging from low resolution (generally used for profile pictures and web activity) to the highest amount of pixels for those who want to have a poster size picture of their hero shot on the wall! 

How it works

The locations I choose are based on activity I see happening within the community.  If there is an event going on, Captured Stoke will surely want to participate in all of the fun and excitement! Most often, I will announce dates and locations on my 'view your photo' page. If available, I'll have my signs set up announcing a photo opportunity and another with my website. Generally people will snap a picture of the website for later viewing. From there, simply click on 'view your photo' and check out the action!

If I'm on a photo shoot with no signs, business cards will be passed out and are always available.

Free Stoke, a sub link to View Your Photo is exactly that. A  downloadable and shareable page of free pictures! The idea and overall intention behind Free Stoke is to immerse myself within the community, capture some moments, & make some memories! This contribution brings me joy and ultimately opens up opportunities to make friends and, if you like my work, future clients! With that being said, if you're stoked on your Free Stoke, don't forget to tag me on Instagram!

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